CNCR SCKS Press Release, April 5, 2017


Socks that Let You Step into the Fight Against Cancer Now Available

London (ONTARIO) April 5, 2017 – Cancer continues to be the leading cause of death in Canada, with approximately 30% of all deaths attributed to this terrible disease.  However, there’s a new sock available that not only makes a statement, it makes a difference.  The Canadian Cancer Society’s mission is the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer, and for one budding local entrepreneur that made for a perfect pairing.

CNCR SCKS is a company born from a love of socks and a passion to help others.  As a proud supporter of The Canadian Cancer Society, every time they sell a pair of socks $2 goes to this amazing charity for cancer research and support services.

“I started CNCR SCKS because Cancer sucks. I have some friends who are currently battling Cancer and their courage inspired me to start the company,” says CNCR SCKS Founder Dimitra Bolton.  “I have always been into socks and recently there’s been a huge trend in cool socks that make a statement.  The name of my company is Cancer Socks without any vowels but when you look at it most people think it means Cancer sucks – which is the message I want to get out.”

CNCR SCKS not only look and feel amazing; each of the coloured stripes actually represents a type of cancer that affects women, men and children.  The current style being offered is named “The Cancer Sock” and it is available for men and women.  “When I was thinking about doing something for cancer, I l realized that every type of cancer had a colour, and it just came together,” says Bolton.  There are plans to create new socks that represent cancer initiatives like breast cancer and colon cancer but for now she is focused on getting the word out.

“We just launched our website a few weeks ago by word of mouth and it’s already been an amazing response,” adds Bolton.  “I have amazing family and friends who have been incredibly supportive, but now it’s crazy because we are actually getting orders from the US and cities outside of our market so I know people are buying them because they want to support this great cause.”

According to, on average 555 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer every day and 216 Canadians will die from cancer every day.  “We have all been affected by cancer. By wearing our socks you can take a step into the fight against this terrible disease,” adds Dimitra.  “We all know someone who has been affected by this disease, my hope is that in our lifetime we find a cure.”

Now Available
CNCR SCKS are now available at – it’s cancer socks (or cancer sucks) without any vowels, dot com.

For more information please contact us by clicking here

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